Requiem to the Fallen

Requiem to the Fallen

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SoelleKhiss By SoelleKhiss Updated Jun 20

On the bitter, windswept steppes of Ardania, destiny is determined not by lineage but the blood of a fallen warhorse ... 

The bastard son of a warrior priest and a tribal chieftain, Trench Ruivan is a penjuri or a sin-eater. Named after the royal mare sacrificed during his rite of ascension, he was raised among  marauding horse-lords, but left the frozen tundra of his ancestors to serve in the high courts of Carnedde.

With an intellect as sharp as the masanga swords strapped on his back, Trench navigates the cesspool of the rich and the corrupt, keeping the aristocracy's darkest secrets from ever seeing light and ruthlessly eliminating anyone who risks exposing the truth. 

From king to peasant, if there's a problem, he can fix it-for the right price, and for the right favor, his silence ensures no one will ever know where the bodies are buried.

[RAY DONOVAN meets Tolkien]

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