QueenBees Have Broken Hearts Too

QueenBees Have Broken Hearts Too

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Most of you have read several novels where a loner or a nerd glams up into a beautiful girl and eventually becomes popular. Why is it so? Cause they had their heart broken by someone whom they loved immensely. Then they catch a popular bad boy's attention and lives happily ever after.

This novel is about an already popular girl named Orabelle Beckett. She has everything. Status, wealth and power and is also known as the QueenBee of Nix-ton High. The QueenBee, who has a crush on Mr. Playboy and is in denial.

Mr. Playboy, also known as Ezio Ambrosia doesn't care about people's feelings at all. He's known to play with girls hearts but what happens when a new girl enters his life?

What happens when Orabelle comes to know about how manipulative that girl is behind her innocent face? Obviously, she decides to make her life a living hell.

Things goes down and something horrible happens which makes Mr. Player snap. He takes away everything from the QueenBee. Her title, her status, her popularity and even her people. He turns her into a loner who has several bullies.

But, what if the former QueenBee has been right throughout? 

And here's a fact, "QueenBees have broken hearts too."