xanny / sean & kaycee

xanny / sean & kaycee

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"What is it about them, Sean?" Kaycee yelled angrily as tears ran down her face, tossing the bag of pills to the side. She watched as his eyes followed, stopping the urge to run after them. 

"I don't know, Kayc," he whispered, defeated. "They make me feel better. The hurt goes away for a little bit." 

"Can't I be the person to make you feel better?" she asked quietly, hurt written in her eyes. "Can't I take away that pain for you?" 

Sean stayed quiet, fumbling with his fingers. Kaycee noticed he had done that a lot lately. He finally looked up at her, eyes glossy but held an unexplainable emptiness.

"You were that person," he said, swallowing the knot in his throat dryly. "But I just don't think that's you anymore. I don't think anyone is." 


co written by @mickeyeun & @seayceetings

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