Are you The Girl?
I always try to talk to those people so they dont feels so alone
I honestly hate those fake people who act and pretend to be depressed for no reason. They seriously piss me off to no end whatsoever. Its like Stop your not funny just stop acting like an attention hog. just sayin!
This was...breathtaking. It is beautiful. You're strong for this, and I don't know if it was of you, but it's still strong.
although I liked it, I have to say that it could have been way better if a) it didn't ALWAYS start with the same frase in every stansa; b) it rhymed
                                    then again, I think it is a very beautiful and an emotional poem :)
@Jazmine_Bishh really? you're a loner? omg, I hate bullies and I would love to be friends with all the girls that are bullied and alone in this world. how can anyone b nasty?! God!
I can relate, but I don't think it was exceptional- I just think it's a cool poem done right with feelings properly expressed