Cage of Promise

Cage of Promise

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Shakira By LadyFuchsiaBlack Updated Jul 25

Tale Series 2 (Captive Tale)

Are you struggling from a self-blame?

Do you find it hard forgiving yourself from a sin or mistake you've done even over many years?

Is the guilt in your head envelopes your heart, choking you to death?

Do you find it hard to choose between keeping your promise and breaking it?

If yes, then don't feel so bad about it because we don't have a difference. What matters the most is that, finally, the world has set me free.

Are you tired of your life already? I was, too. I almost lost what I have now... but I regained myself and perhaps you want to know how.

You have the freedom to know my story and all my interpersonal foe... the truth that no one will ever know except you.