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🍄Brooke 🧚🏼‍♀️ By StAl2LiGhT Updated Feb 21

⚠️ warning: mature content, including gore, abuse, mental illness( small scale),sexual relations, and some beastial play between protagonist and the wendigo

"Heed this child of thorn,
From whence they came,
'Twas the darkness born. 
Unite with beasts of gore and shade,
In an intimate embrace with those forbade.
Lay thoust head upon his chest,
Your hair entangles in his claws as you rest. 
The horned one knows his bride best." 

There are secrets in our world, dark secrets. Magic has been lost to humans. We no longer see the fairies in the field nor the gnomes in our gardens, but they're still there.  As this tale makes it painfully clear. 

The formidable Wendigo, tall and horrific in appearance. 
The cunning Omen, with his deceiving beauty and sinister appetites. 
The grouchy Grim, damned devourer of souls. 
The princely Unseelie, with secrets he adores and a court  he abhors.
The brooding Magpie, cursed by a gift made from love.  

The Hawthornes are an eclectic family in the magical world. The cursed ones that even those of their own kind shrivel away from. Content with each other's company, this never bothered them. The only thing missing is a woman to love, a bride. 

Four girls with four stories and one choice to be made. 
One of them is chosen by the Hawthornes and they choose our dear protagonist. 

Whimsy and nightmare blur together in a fairytale of an unconventional love between five inhuman creatures and a woman brave enough to possess their hearts. 

(A/n: This book will not be about four different girls. After the introductions are made, one will be the protagonist. Just thought I should clarify.)