Two Bows (A Legolas/OC fanfic)

Two Bows (A Legolas/OC fanfic)

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Ryanne is a she-elf living in Rivendell. She was taken in by Lord Elrond when she was a small child due to her parents deaths in a warg attack. Instead of acting like all the other she-elfs, she trains with her bow and arrow and her throwing knives in case something were to happen. She refuses to let anyone else she loves die after her parents did. When a small council arrives to Rivendell and she is allowed to come and listen, what will she get herself into? And, most importantly, who will she meet?

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domcats domcats Jul 02, 2017
How big is the center of the target for he to not split any of her arrows?
MunEclipse1 MunEclipse1 May 18, 2017
At the least, there are 9 grammatical errors in this last paragraph.
psycho_cookiess psycho_cookiess 5 days ago
I really love this story, but actually when you’re shooting a bow you shouldn’t breathe out whilst drawing the arrow back
the_ginger_snap the_ginger_snap Oct 25, 2017
My first attempt at writing was a fanfic along these lines. Lird of the Rings is my inspiration! I can't wait to see want you've done with it.
Averagecrazychic Averagecrazychic Dec 09, 2016
Omg. He's the lord of Rivendell and you pictured him opening his "office" door...FYI its called a throne room and elves normally do their respective bows to someone who holds authority over them
Cattiger93 Cattiger93 Jan 03, 2017
Will someone please shut Boromir up before his sexist, power hungry, idiotic mind can tell his mouth to say something