Swanna Girl and Braivary Man 3: The Rogue Hero

Swanna Girl and Braivary Man 3: The Rogue Hero

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Junie By JunieWeathers Updated Mar 16

Sylvia has made the tough choice of joining Team Miasma after the Castelia City Crisis in order to save Unova from Team Oblivion. Her choice cost Sylvia her morals, her freedom, and her friends. But, when a familiar face pops up and threatens Sylvia even further than Team Miasma does, the superhero has to face the toughest choice yet. A choice that could cost the hero more than anyone can imagine. 

Will Sylvia be able to make the right decision this time, or will she make another grave mistake like she did the last few times? It all comes down to the final battle between good and evil, one of which only Sylvia can fight. 

This is the final book to the Swanna Girl and Braviary Man trilogy. 

Disclaimer: I didn't create Pokémon, that was all Gamefreak. There are only a few characters I own because I created them, like Sylvia, Lethe, Braviary Man, Rena, and a few others. And, of course, the idea. 

Rated PG 15 for violence, language, and other dark themes. 

Cover and banners by the wonderful @ImberLapis.