Unwanted Allies- Dr. Jonathan Crane Story

Unwanted Allies- Dr. Jonathan Crane Story

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Jackie By CaptainJackieSparrow Updated Sep 25, 2016

When Lilah Doute receives a visit from her stepfather Carmine Falcone, she quite distressed upon learning about her new houseguest and even more so when she works out what he's really like. 

Dr. Jonathan Crane/OC 

Warning: This is set before Batman Begins and may along the way include other villains. 
May include torture- mostly mental.

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Mad_Moxxi Mad_Moxxi Sep 22, 2014
Ah, I absolutely adore Mercious. He's such a fun character! I hope to see more of him! <3 xx
Mad_Moxxi Mad_Moxxi Sep 22, 2014
Quite a fascinating story indeed. I quite enjoy the language used as well as the main character, Lilah. Cute name by the way. I look forward to reading this, sugar. xx
jman-martinez jman-martinez Jul 30, 2014
I look forward to seeing mercurious (if that's how u spell his name) more often. His wit is a welcome sight.
- - Jul 24, 2014
Great introduction to the story Jackie, can't wait to see how it unfolds :)
-cptmarvels -cptmarvels Jul 06, 2014
Yes please more more! I ship her and Dr. Sexy! No ragrets! (Anybody get that from we're the millers? When he spelled regrets wrong? Nobody? Okay.)