Forbidden Feelings 2

Forbidden Feelings 2

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Crystal POV 

Me: Amelia imma tell yo momma you up in here wasting ice cream on her carpet(I laughed)

Amelia:(whined) nu uh Ms.Crystal I'll clean it up

Me:(laughs) I'm just playing....CHRISTIAN COME BACK DOWNSTAIRS AND FINISH YOUR DAMN FOOD....(sighs) Royalty What is your brother doing

Royalty:(shrugged shoulder) playing i guess(she typed away on her phone)

Me: well would you PLEASE get off that damn phone and look for him

Royalty:(rolled eyes outing phone up)

Me: I swear I don't have time for the attitude today Royalty 

Royalty:well how about take me to my daddy(she stomped upstairs).....

Me: yeah NOT happening....we're all the way in wanna go to LA take a Uber honey be my guest

Royalty:UGHHHHHH WE HAVEN'T SEEN HIM IN YEARS(she shouted from upstairs)

Me:(shrugged shoulders)

Royalty:(smirked) nana called earlier and said that she want us to come there for a reunion 

Me:(chuckled) and we're not going....period

Royalty:(leads over stair rail) what...

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