Attack on Titan ↠ Oneshots

Attack on Titan ↠ Oneshots

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cee By Clyree Completed

Ever wanted to just be with your favorite character? Well, this book is just for you!

Disclaimer: I do not own Shingeki No Kyojin or any of the characters.

*note: under heavy editing*

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levi sad: -_-
                              levi happy: -_-
                              levi jealous: -_-
                              levi worried: -_-
                              levi feeling like he's about to barf: -_-
                                     levi: -_-
                                     y/n: OH, I KNOW, he'S StReSsEd aNd vErY muCh buSy
Unaesthetic_Angela Unaesthetic_Angela Jun 24, 2017
Wow I feel so loved...I don't know if I can handle all that passion you just threw at me Levi
CocoKookies_ CocoKookies_ Aug 01, 2017
Thank you 
                              You don't know how many times I've come for a Reader insert and instead it's ____ x OC
CocoKookies_ CocoKookies_ Aug 01, 2017
Little did they know that I'm just an awesome actor *flips hair*
-smileseavey -smileseavey Jul 29, 2015
How is this even a thing?? Mizuki is literally MY oc... I've been using her all over the place that's so insane! 
                              I literally dropped my phone when I found that
-smileseavey -smileseavey Jul 29, 2015
So basically Mizuki isn't my real name but that's the Japanese name my friend gave to me.
                              Mizuki means a lot to me so u better use her well!! Jk that's so cool