Sentimental Warmth | Anime Short Stories

Sentimental Warmth | Anime Short Stories

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Uchiha Airi By Sphinxvi-ir Updated Nov 21

Let me blow you away with my words. 

In writing pieces with a taste for emotional depth instead of plot, and in seeking to explore unconventional concepts and approaches to story-telling, no fandom knowledge is required to appreciate this book. 

Features :

1. Adaptations of canon events- introduction of OCs, borrowing of world/scene concepts, slight twists of the canon scenes, offering new perspectives from the underrated characters, elaboration/ dramatization of events, parodies, or a mixture of everything!  

2. Adaptation of characters - new worlds, alternate universe, X readers, fluff

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Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters except for my own OCs but I do own ALL the original content of the book. So please DO NOT PLAGIARISE OR ADAPT MY WORK AS YOUR OWN because I will easily recognize my own voice and concept when I see it. Anyone deemed to be thieving on my ideas will be reported accordingly. Do understand :)


❤️First Place in Short Stories | The Chromatic Awards 2019