Set In Stone || BTS

Set In Stone || BTS

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"Tell me. What is it?" You ordered, sick of the teasing. 

"You're.. You're a princess.." Your mother confessed the truth. 

"You have to be kidding me." You deadpanned. 

"We're not. We're the King and Queen of Seoul.. and you're the heir, the new queen after we've passed on to the next life." Your dad spoke softly again, trying so hard not to make you scared. 

"No.. I'm not. You guys are just playing a sick joke that costed me an extra ₩10,000!" You complained, completely aggravated of the situation. 

"We aren't joking, Y/N. It's real." Your mother looked at you in your eyes with meaning. 



Each chapter contains at least 2,500 words or more. 

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BTS AU (Alternate Universe)

Please remember that everything in this book is fiction and nothing should be taken seriously. It is only coincidental that I am using names of real people. 

Started: 13 / May / 2019
Ended: ?

(inspired and suggested by @CupOfTae10114)

Includes chapters of endings with all of the members. 

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