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The Forgotten Princess

The Forgotten Princess

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The All Mighty Rachel By sockmonkey Updated Jul 14, 2011

Excerpt: "So, let me see, you banished my family decades ago, and now you're expecting me to help you?"
"That's what we're planning on," he says nodding his head.  I give a huff and fold my arms over my chest.
"Well, then you have another thing coming," I say before turning my back against the High Court and walk curtly out of the room.
Kidnapped and desperate for answers, Arabella finds herself in a new world filled with creatures only found in fairy tales.  Who knew they actually existed?  As soon as she get's there, its as Atlas himself sets the whole world on her shoulders and walk away whistling a happy tune.  Not only does she find out shocking news about her heritage, but she also finds out that she might be the only person or thing that can help defeat the dark creatures.  What if she finds out that she has more in common with these creatures that her new "friends" are letting on?  What will one desperate girl do to get back to where she belongs?  But where does she belond and whom does she belong with?

PGEchic PGEchic Apr 25, 2011
Interesting so far. I like it. And its ohk so to have that problem I'm pretty sure most people on this site have that same thing.
sockmonkey sockmonkey Apr 03, 2011
@xoSimplyBeingMe Yep yep!!!  Uh... a type of fish?   I'm not exactly sure and I'm too lazy to find out!!!!   Yep yep that I would that i would
sockmonkey sockmonkey Mar 31, 2011
@xoSimplyBeingMe I already watched it like... two days ago?  It's not my favorite disney princess movie :)  Actually, my favorite is Alidin <3  Because the secret weapon is... wait for it... wait for it....  MY GRANDMA!   *gasp*
xoSimplyBeingMe xoSimplyBeingMe Mar 30, 2011
@sockmonkey Ah right. I wanna watch the film now :/. How do you know of the secret weapon!!!!! Yay mystery!!!!.xo
hermione137 hermione137 Mar 26, 2011
@sockmonkey Thnx!! Tomorrow is fine, take your time. Can;t wait! :D
sockmonkey sockmonkey Mar 25, 2011
@hermione137 Aw thanks!!!!!!  And really?  I'll upload another chapter and we'll go from there, kay?  I probably won't upload till tomorrow though, kay?