The Unwanted Mate

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Beanie_321 By Beanie_321 Updated 4 years ago
17 year old, plump Maggie (Human) is left distraught after finding her mate, the Alpha Brendan with a pretty girl pretending that she's his mate instead of Maggie, at a ritual banquet. Having not gone to him to get an explanation, she heads off home to make a hasty decision. She goes to London to stay with her sister Sharon, earlier than originally planned. Which leads her to deciding to stay there for a year and a half. 
    But wait, she's back in San Diego, before too long, with a whole new change and soon enough she catches the attention of a rival alpha wolf aswell as Brendan himself. 
    Will her previous hasty decision prove to be a regretful and life threatening to find out
can you please make your chapters a bit longer it is rather short no preasure abd peace out love your book by the way
Awwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleasse this is my favvorite book on Wattpad! Oh and  I voted for everyyyyyyy chapter :D
WOW! this is such an original concept. And good so far. Please upload soon
He's such a jerk he didn't care about a mate only looks and becoming a alpha 
Upload soon please! I can tell this story is going somewhere great!!!!!!
I can't really give you a deep critic cause is short, but so far...It is good. Keep writting no matter if you actally get readers or not, the only way to improve is by writting and editting.