TFP High x Reader

TFP High x Reader

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Nitro Racer By Nitro_Racer Updated Jul 11

Moving to a new home is hard. 
Having to meet new friends is harder. 

(Y/N) (L/N) is turning 16 years old. In her case, she was an average student with average grades, and she was fine with it. 

Her mother, on the other hand, disagreed. She knew her daughter was better than this. "She just hasn't found the proper school with the proper education." As her mother puts it. Her father agrees with her mother's words and shortly informed the family that they're moving. 

(Y/N) argued, quoting "My grades are fine and where we're living is fine." end of quote. 

Now their on a journey from (country's name) to another continent called, Cybertron. 

What awaits there? 
(I know Cybertron is a planet and not a continent, but for the sake of the story just imagine it is. Thank You. Enjoy)

(I do not own Transformers Prime franchise, Hasbro does)