One Of Many Feelings || OHSHC

One Of Many Feelings || OHSHC

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Micah • ไมคาห์ By Xirona Updated Aug 31

Minasaki Tsukia is a rather peculiar girl. She is so driven by a need for acceptance that she changes her personality to fit those around her. However, when she meets the Ouran host club, she can't stick to one personality since the hosts are so different from each other.

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Matsuoka Haruka was separated from his siblings and brought to an orphanage at a young age. But being separated from his siblings for so long has hurt his ability to understand the kind of love he has for them. Finding his sister, as well as meeting an odd group of people, causes him to grow confused.

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csokallie csokallie Oct 20, 2017
Hi, I don't understand something. Altruistic is something that is seen as good, yet you tacked that on with characteristics that are seen as bad. Is he a selfless asshat? Or did you not mean to say altruistic?
shiroislife shiroislife Sep 08, 2017
I like how this story gives a legit reason she couldn't wear the dress. Not because she didn't want to because every story does it because the girl didn't WANT to. Which is shallow in its own right.
I am reading a story on quotev where the character was put up for adoption and she had a twin brother, and she was put up for adoption because she saved her brother from getting bitten by a werewolf and she got bitten instead, so seeing this just reminded me of that
kazzy9183 kazzy9183 Jan 13
Maybe it's tamaki.... wasn't he adopted? I could be wrong....
This is my first ouran fanfic so I hope it doesn't disappoint. The author's note didn't make me cringe so that's a good sign.
JZWhite JZWhite Apr 20
This some history’s strongest disciple type shih lmao when he became his masters