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Christa By drDevil Updated 3 years ago
Goodbye to my ex-husband
Everyone deserves love. I'm sure that you'll find your.soul mate soon. How are you now?
I hope every girl can learn something from you. How is your life now? I hope leaving such an abusive guy is the best idea, isnt it?
hey poetry isnt a great read for me but yours was really good ...thankyou.....the marrige breakup happened to  me too....i took the lincoln and the boat and politly said thankyou....joni...i now live on the boat  lol
grrrr.... I empathize more than you can know friend. I have been there and I assure you your life will be so much better once it has passed. and he will regret much more than you I assure you
*hugs you*.
                                    Gorgeous, that is truly exquisite. We are here for you, ma'am.
Straightforward and to the point. Simplicity is such a good thing in poetry. I can sense through your poem that u are one strong survivor!