Read My Lips || Kellic [EDITING]

Read My Lips || Kellic [EDITING]

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Vic Fuentes is an oral deaf. Which means, he's deaf, but he talks. Only rarely to his choice. In his family, they treat him differently because of his hearing. They treat him like a baby, and he hates it. He talks to people by reading their lips. Vic is new to Mountain View High School. He had transferred because of a bullying situation.

Kellin Quinn, is the school clown. He'll make a joke here and there to lessen the beating might get from the school bullies. He gets picked on and called names, but hides that with a smile and a joke. He's that kid, the one that worries about everyone else but him.

Kellin accidentally bumps into Vic in the hallway and makes a joke looking at his shoes. Vic not hearing what he says asks him to repeat it. Will that one question bring them together?

(Of course it will, it's a fanfic.)

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Letta3413 Letta3413 Apr 01
Erica isn’t an interpreter but I signed everything he said and now I mad at myself
Letta3413 Letta3413 Jan 02
Okay so I’m just gonna say it now:
                              I love love love when sign language comes up in books because I have a person love for sign language and I learned ASL and PSE (almost the same thing) because I love it so much. To mix my husbands and signing, it makes me so happy. Just ahhhh
Letta3413 Letta3413 Jan 02
I mean... technically you don’t speak ASL, you sign and understand. But because it’s Kellin and he’s my husband, imma let it slide. Plus, the author isn’t going to go back into the book and change t because who has the time.
vidaimuerte vidaimuerte Apr 03, 2016
What do you mean by 'sign,' can someone please explain, I'm sorry I'm an idiot
imfuxkedforgood imfuxkedforgood Sep 05, 2016
So I just finished 'all the same' and emotionally destroyed so I hope this has some happy fluffy kellic
frankiequinn frankiequinn Jul 27, 2015
How would singing work? If he can't hear wouldn't he not be able to tell what pitch to sing?