Wings Of Winter

Wings Of Winter

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F e n n By Fennagin Updated May 13

Rome is an eighteen year old Fowling with a heart so innocent it could be white. But when she is thrown into the dispute of the Red Season, she will be tested in all of her strength to see just how capable-or incapable-she is, and if she is able to save her own life from death.

Lachlan is quiet the opposite, a dark and angry Fowling who has no grace in any matter. Mercy is not his strong suit, and being in a ring where everyone is his prey, his humanity-what little he has left, anyways-will be tested to the ultimate.

When these two souls clash in a deadly game called the Red Season, their morales and humanity will be tested. If they are strong, they will survive. If they are weak, then they'll die.

Life is a beautiful gift given to many. Are these two worthy of it? Or do they deserve the ultimate punishment for failure: death?

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