A Chance for Change [A Loki Fanfic]

A Chance for Change [A Loki Fanfic]

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Bree By Fizzing_Whizbs Updated Jun 02, 2019

Darkness is falling.  And it has pulled Freya Ericsson out of her everyday college life and into the realm of the Norse Gods.  

During their hunt for what the Dark Elves call The Amethyst, Malekith decides to take Freya along with them for reasons only he knows.  They leave earth, and continue their search on Asgard.  Saved by none other than Loki, the God of Mischief himself (but only because he was forced to), this pit stop leads to Freya waking up, battered and bruised in the healing wing, with a worried Thor staring at her.

As she journeys through the world she thought was a myth, Freya learns things she never thought she would...things about herself, things about her family.  An angry, mischievous God wants her dead, or does he?  She really has no idea.  The only thing she does know, though, is that Malekith wants her back, and this time he has no intention of losing her.

** This Fan Fiction takes place instead of Thor: The Dark World **