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RubyRedGirl03 By RubyRedGirl03 Updated May 11

Thomas Sanders - Sanders Sides fic!!

Unbeknown to the others, Virgil was deathly afraid of skiing. But he was also terrified of speaking out. So when the time comes for Roman to suggest a ski trip ad their Christmas holiday, Virgil is trapped, not knowing what to do. How can he stay quiet but avoid his biggest phobia at the same time?

This is a joint fic with my friend @MckinseyEdgmon. Kins was also the one to create the beautiful cover photo! 

Once again, this isn't planned, so tags and warnings will be added as we go. Enjoy!

P.s. it's also posted on AO3! Kins posted it under the name @Sinner_Praiseweirdness_SPN