Once upon a time,

Once upon a time,

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Seshi Faye By xXseshiXx Completed

Sometimes I just have to close my eyes and look beyond the lake and smile, knowing that a part of him is still here.

Mariela has always been the good girl...the nerd, and million of other names. Everything changes when Zach comes into town. Bringing with him a tornado the town of Dershwood is not ready to cope with...But can Mariela go from miss straight A's to the girl she is becoming. Shes about to discover that sometimes breaking the rules for something you love is better than to follow them and lose a friend.

"I am not this kind of girl Zach. Look...this was fun but it's time I stop playing dress up." I looked into his eyes, his gaze swiftly becoming calculating.
He smiled, "But this is you Mariela. And I agree it's time you stop hiding her with the girl that people have forced you to be."

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