Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

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BriTheWriterr By BriTheWriterr Updated Jul 08

To the public eye Larenzo and Dekia are just your typical show brother and angel sister but behind closed doors they're actually lovers . 

Larenzo's father being in a relationship with Dekia's mother they grew up in the same household as brother and sister . They were always close , like best friends but all of that brother and sister went out the window for Lorenzo as Dekia started to grow older and her body started to fill out . He started to look at her more than a little sister and he let her know exactly how he felt and she admitted to him that she felt the same way. The two started to sneak into each other's room at night and kiss and touch in each other . 

Two years later and they're still creeping into each other's room but the thing is Zo is tired of the creeping game. After two years of messing around he fell in love and he wanted nothing more than to claim her as his to the world but Dekia was afraid to openly be with him because she's scared of what others would think. Even though they're not blood related ,  the two still grew up in the same household as brother and sister , and even though her mother and his father broke up years ago , Big Zo was still very active in her life. She had never met her father but Big Zo took on that role and even after the split he took care of her mother's kids and they spent every weekend and summer at his house so in a way they were still like siblings . So Lorenzo gave her an ultimatum he told her that if she didn't want to publicly be with him then he was technically single and could do as he pleased and she agreed . 

((( The rest of the description is in the synopsis since I ran out of  space . )))

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