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The Pure Wolves {The Pure Series} [Book One] Starting to RE-EDIT

The Pure Wolves {The Pure Series} [Book One] Starting to RE-EDIT

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Just Deal With The Secrets By SecretsStayHere Completed

A beautiful werewolf girl is going to the 'Teasing.' The 'Teasing' is known as a world wide party for teenagers who already went through the shifting stage, but haven't found their mate yet.
Yvonne just turned sixteen a month ago, but hasn't found her mate yet. She's the strongest there is in the Galaxies pack. One of the top ten packs. Not only is she their best, she's the Alpha's one and only child. Meaning she's next in line to be Alpha. Though she's young, her father gave her Alpa tittle when she turned sixteen. She's practically famous throughout the werewolf world, not only an Alpha, but she's mateless, and everyone wants her as theirs. However, as she goes to the 'Teasing' (forced) she meets her mate. Did I say mate? My bad, it's more like mates! There she meets the sexiest guys ever. The mates, Ash: playful and sweet, Brad: teasing and flirty, and Conner: honest and a bad boy. What can she do when she realizes that she's mates with triplet Alphas', who controls the #1 pack?

Halo_Horns Halo_Horns May 28
I don't understand this logic. It's been 10 years..his wolf should start to adapt to the loss. Besides, 20 years for a breakdown is too long
blue eyed ginger *squeals* those and green eyed gingers are the cutest especially when they're gay srry can't help it
DarkFallenAngel12 DarkFallenAngel12 Nov 07, 2016
That was an awesome Prologue I can't wait to read the rest of this book now XD
clickatee clickatee May 01, 2016
Too many description on how a person looks but still a good book.
2004dc11 2004dc11 Jul 29, 2016
I have been doing it since i was eleven too. Its is not going well. Im fourteen and its like a foot long and 1 inch. My hair needs to learn how to grow faster
mahgarat mahgarat Jan 18
Everytime I see you spell they're as their, I lose brain cells trying to figure out what you mean