Welp, I Guess I'm The Villainess Now... [On Hiatus]

Welp, I Guess I'm The Villainess Now... [On Hiatus]

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✿ฺ𝕂𝕒𝕟𝕒✿ฺ By Kana_Harutine Updated Aug 01

Mikasa Hirutama a lazy, sarcastic, smart, sassy, and stubborn 16 year old girl, one day was greeted by Car-Chan with a hug that killed her! Yayyyy!

But, of course the story isn't about to end yet! She reincarnated into a 3 week old baby's body! Turns out she is the only daughter of Hataru Yotamaki and Akari Yotamaki; the number two biggest company in the world, AND the only sister of their three sons.  Oh and the spoiled villainess to a clichés love story called 'My Heart Belongs To You!'. Like even the title sounds clichés!! 

Mikasa really isn't ready for the to start a new life over again, but she's sure that she's changing to plot of the story so that she doesn't end up ruining her family by abusing her power!

"I'm gonna change this shįtty plot of this story! Nothing's gonna stop me!"

The three week old screamed in her mind.

Well, I guess we'll see what this girl is gonna do...

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