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A Demon's Maid - Black butler/Sebastian x Reader/

A Demon's Maid - Black butler/Sebastian x Reader/

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Heidi Nichole By akonih Updated Sep 18, 2016

You are a normal little Maid who still doesn't have a place to work at, while you were wondering around the streets,  thinking about your future, when you accidentally bumped into Ciel Phantomhive and he's good looking butler Sebastian Michaelis, they asked you if you would like to work in he's state, by Sebastian side to help him, you politely accept hes offer, now your not the normal Maid you used to be, your a Maid who is hunted by a demon...hunted? or should I say loved by one.

spamzillaground spamzillaground May 26, 2016
I know how to cook. YAYYY! I should have a contest with Sebby to see who's food is better. The young master will be the judge along with Pluto and the other servants.
That_One_Insomniac That_One_Insomniac Mar 29, 2016
I have a shirt of Sebastian and Ciel kissing......I'm a REALLY obsessed fangirl :3
_Literally_Crazy_ _Literally_Crazy_ Jul 15, 2016
I'd expect him to say, "Oh? That won't do. Sebastian, by tomorrow, I want her to know everything about being a maid. Understood?"
                              And, Sebastian would be like, "Yes, my lord."
XxX_Doctor_Who_XxX XxX_Doctor_Who_XxX Sep 19, 2016
There is a shadow on the wall. stay calm, stay clam. There is a figure in the hall. Stay calm, stay calm..
My, my reader-chan is awfully clumsy, isn't she? But that just adds to the cluminess! >3<