Neverland's Secrets (A Peter Pan/ Robbie Kay Fanfic)

Neverland's Secrets (A Peter Pan/ Robbie Kay Fanfic)

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Ƙҽӏӏվ By starflower12359 Completed

Alice Sum is a regular teen. She hates her parents and they hate her back. Her sixteenth birthday is coming and all she wants is independence, away from her parents.

The night of her birthday Alice sits at her window and wishes on a star. A shadow come and takes her away to Neverland where she meets Peter Pan.  
Alice has such mixed emotions about Peter. Not to mention the cage she seems to now be living in. How will Peter Pan treat the first lost girl? And what will happen when Neverland's secrets are revealed?

"This is the land of plot twists." - @DawnDuskDawn

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iamaprettypotato iamaprettypotato Nov 14, 2017
Tree, then hop from tree to tree or under leaves- those never fail for me
Original_Annie13 Original_Annie13 Dec 19, 2017
LaurelStollGrayson LaurelStollGrayson Aug 22, 2017
Um... I see no downside to this. 
                              Well if course death, pain, but eh that's what the fandom life is...
Yeah, so childish? Then why the füçk are you there! Normally when it’s childish it ain’t real!
wolf_gang23 wolf_gang23 Jul 25, 2017
It's a flipping shadow that just so happened to be in your room, and flew u off into the night. Wat did u expect?
Original_Annie13 Original_Annie13 Dec 19, 2017
Bitchy much?😂😑
                              Lay another finger on her and I swear I will slap you until you need plastic surgery😂😂