The Wolf and his Moon

The Wolf and his Moon

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Aadolf Cadman is famous as the Bastard Alpha among the wolves of the whole world. Bastard because no-one is aware of his parentage, his ancestors and in the world of wolves where blood, titles, and ranks are all that matters, he is an abomination.

          He is powerful whose strength knows no bounds, he is merciless as he kills with no regrets, he is a mystery which is probably going to remain unsolved forever, his dreams and goals consist of revenge and bloodbaths and his heart, they say he hasn't got one. He is slowly becoming a threat to all other alphas out there and they are praying and begging the Moon goddess for a Miracle. A miracle that will tame the beast. 

       And then, Alacris Valencia happens. His mate. A human. But one thing Aadolf hates is the idea of mates and another thing he despises is the pathetic measly creatures known as humans who are a walking disaster not only to themselves but to everyone around them. So, what will happen when one of those measly creatures will come tumbling down in his arms, quite literally?

A story that goes like- 


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