Painting Life

Painting Life

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Rida Altaf By Breathing_Ink Completed

"when a broken girl and a homeless boy come together, an explosion is bound to happen - no sparks, no fireworks; just a wrecking explosion"

This is a story of hopes and disappointments and of light blotting out the dark. 

Haris Bin Hashim is the weird street boy who makes flower necklaces by day and paints the skies by night. His only dream is to find a mother - and himself - in this labyrinth of a world. He wants his own fairy tale and happily ever after but he's losing hope. Do they really exist? 

Daniya Suleiman is the rich girl with a low self-esteem. Bullied all her life, she just wants to relax back in bed and have people like and follow her. She wants her own high school cliched novel where everything turns out fine. But she's losing hope. Do they really exist? 

They are both trying to paint life in the best way possible and maybe, just maybe their paintings will intertwine and blossom in to something perfect.

cover by my babe @bookworm394 

A/N: Each chapter will be dedicated to one of my favourite authors.

{July Camp NanoWrimo 2014}

[completed 17.08.14]

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