My Baby-sitter

My Baby-sitter

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Kim Taeyeon Tiffany Hwang


Tiffany Hwang, a normal 24 year old girl looking for a job. What happens when she meets a client and a baby faced person that will make her question her own sexuality. She is in denial. Will that person change Tiffany Hwang's mind? 

Kim Taeyeon, an amnesiac who accidentally falls inlove with her guardian. Will her gut and perseverance convince Tiffany that she is indeed inlove with her too or not?

"I'm Tiffany Hwang, Nice to meet you" Tiffany reached her hand out for the other girl to shake.

"Mmmhm" She walked away and left Tiffany cursing under her breath.

"Geez. What's wrong with people nowadays. So stubborn and unpolite."

"I heard that Hwang"

"So what?!"

"Shut up or i'm gonna kiss you."

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