Indebt with the Mafia

Indebt with the Mafia

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They say the worse thing you can do is selling your soul to the devil. i didn't exactly sell my soul to the devil but i might as well have. i sold my life to the mafia, and not just any mafia, one of the most dangerous one of all, the Ardizzone Mafia to be exact. they don't play any games and are known to give just one warning, then you can expect death if you don't repay them.

Nicky took me in when i proved my loyalty to him. the catch? i had to do the one thing he would request of me later. and no matter what it was i could not refuse. he told me when the times comes i shall grant him his request. i shudder as everyday I'm terrified what it could be. something tells me his wish is about to be reveled sooner then i expected.

  • adventure
  • badboy
  • betrayal
  • hispanic
  • humor
  • italian
  • latin
  • love
  • mafia
  • romance
  • scandal
  • strong-female-character
  • witty

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