No One Killed Venus Wilson

No One Killed Venus Wilson

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ROMAN By timesnew-roman Updated 5 days ago

When Venus Wilson is found dead the day after her annual Halloween Bash, everyone assumes it was a tragic accident. Except it wasn't. And those who know there was foul play involved aren't enthusiastic about speaking up. 

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     There were about forty people under the same roof as Venus Wilson the night she took her last breaths. Four people found her lifeless body, and all four ran the opposite direction. 
The beginning of the end had started for them when they failed to inform anyone about the body. Now, left alone with no one to talk to, the four must put the pieces together to determine the culprit, before their past deeds catch up to them. Despite desperate attempts at returning to normalcy, every night in the loneliest hours they find themselves asking the same question a mourning town does,
What happened to Venus Wilson the night of her Halloween Bash?