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Callie By DidsomeonesayUNICORN Completed

There is a blog at Dan Howell's school that's all about making the students smile. No one knows who runs the blog, but they know that whoever it is is the nicest kid in school. One day Dan get's a message from an unknown number and finds out that it's Smiles, the kid who runs the blog. What happens when he and Dan talk some more, become friends, and maybe something more?
(I can't write descriptions I'm sorry)
WARNINGS: there are mentions of self harm, suicide, bullying,  and other things like that. Also there is homosexuality, so if you don't like that I'm sorry. Also there are some sexual themes (not that graphic because it's against wattpad's rules :( Oh well)

The1975AndGayThings The1975AndGayThings Oct 27, 2016
I was about to be like how do you know it's a guy but then realised
                              If he was gay and a girl it wouldn't matter
PhansHug PhansHug May 14, 2016
I just realised that I have an account like this? it's not like nice things about people , it's all about a path at my school and yh. so it's not like it but it's similar I guess? don't question why it's a path!! okay
phannatural phannatural Nov 12, 2016
I actually like the outside. I like travelling and going to new places.
musicnotephan musicnotephan Dec 18, 2016
                              it's been ATLEAST -2° outside for the past 2 weeks
                              my ass hurts from slipping on ice so much
The1975AndGayThings The1975AndGayThings Oct 27, 2016
I had two thoughts cross my mind at thank god it's Friday:
                              Thank god it's Friday bc Fridays will always be better than Sundays cuz Sundays are my suicide days
                              It's friday, friday, gotta get down on fridayyy
There is bite marks on my hand from shoving it in my mouth to stop squealing.