inspiring millions

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Sam By Samsandhu1987 Updated 3 years ago
    Sam was just an another loser amongst the world of middle class dreamers who were just surviving in order to just fulfill the motto to live and die.
    In India there is no sense of dreaming big if you are from a middle as it's a certainty that you would succeed in turning them true or in other words statistically the figures were favoring the odds like 1 or maximum 2 out of 10 million.
    What was different about Sam that he could make that happen, he hasn't got any special skills, a college dropout and top of that unemployed.
    One day he had dream in which he saw himself flying and he thought if it could happen in reality.
    Let's figure how he succeeded to change his destiny and inspired millions others to fulfill their dreams.
Really it's intriguing I am looking forward to see his secrets
That was very inspirational. I can relate to alot of the story, I agree with the writer,we have to lean on our God given abilities. That are within, hopefully Sam got something out of her advice.what I want is the second part of the authors advice, is that possible?
sorry i just came back to comment and i commented for the first chapter here sorryy ! lollllll
hey it was intriguing and i could feel the things myself and i really feel bad for sam. Well I have a question for you Why you have Sam as the main character in your every book ? lol..... leave it its your name na ?
I like it very nice :) few errors but other than that it was good.
There are a few errors in here like capitalization. But it's okay it's a nice start