For Her [✅]

For Her [✅]

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Somali Princess👑 By quruxley Completed

"Sometimes shutting off the world is the best option" -Amara
Lost, that's the perfect word to describe Amara. She felt like she had nowhere to go with a dad who left her years ago and her hospitalized mom. Can this girl from a broken home survive this cruel world? Meet Zubair a funny, caring and loving handsome boy whom every girl wants. Not only does he have the looks but the perfect personality to match. Zubair sees something in Amara,he makes it his task to change her, show her the good things in life. He will do anything to help her, for her. Do you think Zubair can change Amara's perspective on life? Opposites is what they are but you know what they say. Opposites attract.

Pls don't judge this book before you read it. It not all lovey dovey, it's about life and hardships. Don't think oh this book is like all of the others because it is not. Thank you!

All of the characters and events that occur in this book are fictional. If something similar happened then it's purely coincidental.

WARNING: You may fall in love with the characters in this book! If so I am not responsible for any heart ache.

©copyright 2014 

*Completed December 2015*



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We thank God for the physical and mental growth! (No pun intended)
atin38 atin38 Aug 24
What of the love you have for your sister can you put it as lust
I 💜 d lst lyn 😍
                              Plz do update as fast as possible 🙏
                              Waitin 4 d NXT CHAPPIE🙋
atin38 atin38 Aug 24
What of the love you have for your sister can you put it as lust
Qynxzie Qynxzie Jul 27, 2016
I hope Isa is in this book lool I'm in love with him 😻😻 Samiyah is lucky
how iconic I have a little brother named uzair but it's spelled uzeyr and he's 4