Changed {Martin Garrix Fanfiction}

Changed {Martin Garrix Fanfiction}

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When someone slowly starts to change you, is it for your own good or for their own pleasure? When you take a good girl and a badboy together, what do you get? A perfect recipe for disaster or a fun, spontaneous adventure? 

So what do you do when you have had enough? Enough of being treated like a baby and not living for yourself? You do the exact opposite of what they expect you to do. 

And he showed me how to do it.

Martin Garrix AU//Completely fiction.//Only translate if asking me first.//Includes mature scenes without warning.

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athosaegon athosaegon Oct 04, 2017
“Dat is kut,” as Martijn would say it lolololol ok sorry byeee
seemsfakemarkasspam seemsfakemarkasspam Jun 08, 2017
because i feel like doing this since im a mcr fan geez*  BTW ITS AWKWARD SEEING MY OLD COMMENTS
athosaegon athosaegon Oct 04, 2017
How every tourist sees Amsterdam while it actually isnt true and its mainly the tourists that do that kinda stuff: ^^
athosaegon athosaegon Oct 04, 2017
Wowowo I feel oFFENDED
                              loving this book so far tho aaahhh its amazing already
luvmykaterina luvmykaterina Aug 30, 2016
I really like this story , and I'm going to continue to read this story . I am a Pole and I can't exactly read  English text , but slowly I get to the end of this Fan Fiction ♥
sobotka1717 sobotka1717 Aug 14, 2015
Can Haley PLEASE burn Mads clothes and share with her?? Please, it's killing me