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Kidnapped by my vampire mate

Kidnapped by my vampire mate

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Samantha By _sammy01_ Updated Apr 21, 2016

I was in the backyard with my friends and family until four guys that are really hot, strong showed up and killed everyone accept me. "Connor are you going to kill her or should I?" A guy asked "she Is my mate" the hottest guy out of the group said. I ran as fast as I could away from them. I guess I was to slow because they caught up to me and kidnapped me. This is my story and I plan to get out of a house full of vampires.

angelyarroyo angelyarroyo Jan 30, 2016
It's so amazing I love it but some has wrong spelling but still I like it awesome story
Victoria_Coulton Victoria_Coulton Mar 21, 2016
Amazing chapter. I immediately faced palm when I realized he killed his mates sibling. *face palm*  :)
brittany_cunningham brittany_cunningham Jan 08, 2016
It's good, except for some grammar and spelling mistakes, but certainly not the worst that I've seen.
00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 03, 2015
I find storys about tragic surcenstance intriguing.... is that bad?
thebookslut01 thebookslut01 Sep 20, 2015
Was theor changes made. Cover ,name, chapters etc?
                              I seen this earlier and came back to read it but there are changrs to this  ..or there another one that almost exactly the same like this.?
lovebeyond2112 lovebeyond2112 Sep 09, 2015
pretty good. it that sucks I would have atleat have tried to save my bro