Twisted Ignorance

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Nicole Lambert By NicoleMLambert Updated 3 years ago
This is the third novel in the Threatening Souls series.
    Mortality verses immortality. 
    Depression soon overtakes Rebekah when she returned to Miami from the ICW. She keeps having dreams about Melissa Young—the leader of the rebellion against Henri Anderson—which she believes have a purpose, despite what everyone else tells her.
    To make matters worse, Holly has disappeared, and the cause of her disappearance is none other than Cody Robinson, Andre's abusive father and Holly's uncle. All he left behind was a single note for Andre, telling her that he had taken Holly to Barcelona, Spain and that he will be awaiting Andre's rescue attempt so that he could finally kill her. With no hesitation, Rebekah volunteers herself and Mandy to assist Andre in trying to rescue Holly.
    Soon, the trio travels to Barcelona, where danger awaits their every turn. Rebekah permanently runs away from her family in order to travel to Barcelona, Henri visits Miami in search for Rebekah and Mandy, and innocent people will die. It's only a matter of time before the situations start to worsen, and time is not on their side.
    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book is now available for purchase as an e-book at and at Obviously, this isn't the whole novel, nor will I post any more of it on this website. Stay in tune for the fourth novel in the series, Innocents and Foreseers, which I will post on this website in the near future. For now, you can read what I have so far on Figment.
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