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The Mark

The Mark

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Peace&Happiness By LoveMusic_Freedom Completed

It's all about Greed. Power. Being Superior 

A decade ago there was a war and with a war there are always warriors. Those warriors who got to go home, they were the lucky ones. Yes, they suffered from PSTD and some had lost limbs and their sight but they were fighting for something much bigger than those warriors could understand. This wasn’t just a civil war or a small dispute over some country land, but who was more powerful, more superior-which species would reign over the rest. The humans thought they could win if they believed enough and the vampires thought if they could slaughter us all with their need for blood that would be good enough even werewolves though if they stood together nothing could break them but look at them all inferior to us. 
They wanted to get rid of us because they didn't understand why we could possess such power. How could we possess such power and defeat all different types of mankind with such little casualties? There wasn't enough room for another supernatural force to walk among the humans even in secret and the reinforcements kept coming and soon the superior species went into hiding.

LydiaFoster777 LydiaFoster777 Nov 26, 2015
Who's that girl in the photo she looks so familiar I feel like I've seen her in a movie or something
mimi404 mimi404 Mar 23, 2015
This is how I wanted to spend my summer last year so that I could spend it with my best friend.