When with Rome {Sirius Black}

When with Rome {Sirius Black}

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Siriusly Padfoot. By SiriuslyxPadfoot Updated Dec 22, 2017

SLOWLY REWRITING. Everything should be easy to understand so far. The chapters indicated with a number mean that those are the ones I have rewritten. 

A name was enough to get anybody anywhere, but when Barbara didn't know the true world she was to live in, someone had to bring her there and introduce her to the Wizarding World. 

During her Hogwarts years, she blossomed into one of the greatest witches of all time, her knack for dueling getting her farther than her wings could take her.

She may have been new to the Wizarding World; but Barbara Potter planned to leave her mark as if she had been there her whole life.

Even if no one would remember everything she did for the good guys...

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Book One of "Rome" series

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life_without_limits life_without_limits Jul 02, 2017
I threw a rage fit when I saw the cast, but it's your story. Oh, well.
Bellatwixlestrange Bellatwixlestrange Aug 10, 2017
                              THE CAT😂😂😂😂
                              Why do I find this so funny😂😂
donufs donufs Apr 06, 2017
"Oh look someone was murdered,
                              now can you pass over the salt?"
Insane-Like-Skittles Insane-Like-Skittles Nov 15, 2017
Oh look . My foster  parents are  laying their motionless. 
                              Oh well .
                              Time for my Wheatabix
allycatislovely allycatislovely Jun 27, 2017
So... You're just gonna..eat while their "savagely murdered" bodies lay there
whyshannon whyshannon Apr 09, 2017
The most important meal of the day serving it up the orphan way