The Fairytale Life of Doris McQueen [#1] ✓

The Fairytale Life of Doris McQueen [#1] ✓

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Watty winner + Featured by @GoosebumpsMovie

THE FAIRYTALES ARE REAL, deals are bound in blood and debtors come to collect, with interest. When the clock strikes twelve, nightmares return. 

Doris McQueen has her whole life planned out until she is thrown into the world of magic, quests and curses. Ten impossible Herculean tasks, there are lives at stake and betrayals around every corner. Bloodbinds cannot be broken. She has three days and a not-so-worthy team to help her through- a questionable fairy godmother with motives of her own and a slightly hysteric fairytales expert with a secret he will guard with his life. 

Can Doris complete the quest?

Or will the clock strike defeat her?

[© circularities, 2016]

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writervid writervid Jun 29
 #QIC For some reason I think there should be a colon instead of a hyphen at the end of this paragraph? Not sure.
                              Also, what's so important about the beast that has Aunt Gemina all worked up? Yikes, this might not bode well for the future!
writervid writervid Jun 28
 #QIC This sentence can be shortened, to make it tighter. You could take out the word "some" and since we already know what she's waiting for more explanation about, you could also take out "about this new game."
writervid writervid Jun 21
Hi! I'm here to review your chapter for the Queen's Inner Circle. I was wondering if it was okay if I used inline comments for a few grammar things/thoughts throughout? I'm really excited to read this!
writervid writervid Jun 28
 #QIC I think "I'm busy right now" shouldn't have that comma connecting it to the previous sentence, as sighing doesn't equate to speaking and it is its own separate thought.
writervid writervid Jun 28
 #QIC "had hugged Doris (comma?) telling her that she had great plans for the day"
writervid writervid Jun 29
 #QIC You could make the "he didn't even wait for an answer" sentence tighter, maybe, by cutting out "even" and changing the but to an "instead" (and the tenses after that accordingly).