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Kidnapped By Mr. Pervert

Kidnapped By Mr. Pervert

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ShinyBaby723 By ShinyBaby723 Updated Aug 08, 2015

Completed.                                        Unknown No. : Don't stop dancing, shake what your mamma gave ya!   I stared at the phone, um what?  Quickly I replied.   Me: Who's this?  Within moments I got a reply.   Unknown No. : Don't worry about that baby just keep doing the dishes and singing your heart out. I think It's cute. ;)  I gulped, swallowing whatever was left of my bravery. How did they know I was doing the dishes? I looked out the window across the room, staring into the front yard, nothing out there. Just to be safe I closed the curtains, receiving a text shortly after.   Unknown No. : Aww, you're so mean, blocking my view like that.  P.S. Tell anyone about me and I slit their throats, deal?  Woah, crazy psychopath here. If they think I'm going to answer they have another thing coming.   My phone chimed again.   Unknown No. : Deal? Answer me or I see your mother doesn't exactly have a 'safe flight'.  I started to shake as I typed on the keyboard.   Me: Deal.  Unknown No. : Great :) Goodnight my lovely, I personally think you should wear your white lace underwear tonight. ;).          ***********************************.                            Carissa doesn't have many friends, so how would she know this person who knows everything about her?                     Why does he keep kidnapping her?           Reign Lucas is obsessed with Carissa and will do anything for her, he becomes involved with her everyday life. And with her mum out of the house a lot more, that leaves more 'alone time' for Carissa and her Mr. Pervert.                                              :).                                                                    Read on and bark on their journey, especially the toughness Reigns job puts on their relationship. Do it! I'd you'd like :*)

Cover done by the lovely Roman_renegade, thank you once again for putting your time and effort into this!! <3

Green_Ball_Monster Green_Ball_Monster Oct 18, 2016
I would be like: Mom get me a gun, baseball bat, security cameras, and a German Shepherd named Princess Tickles.
That's what my mom says. 
                              I don't have friends either. 
                              Screw em
I'm 17 without a job, no boyfriend and no friends. I think I found my story. 
                              I also had a stalker. 
                              But it's all good now. 
                              Probably not cause we never caught him. 
                              Oh well what you gonna do.
Dude. I had many people tell me I should be a model. So I went out to an agency and applied but the company didn't look like anyone was going anywhere but around near by places. So I didn't go back. 
                              This is weird though, so far everything in this story relates to me
GoddessCheetah12425 GoddessCheetah12425 Oct 01, 2016
Me: Well that escalated quickly. *Grabs my fully loaded magnum, a katana, and a butcher knife storing them on me in different locations before texting back "Try me, mofo."*
My dishwasher is broke and has been forever and one day my mom had people coming over and there were some dirty dishes out so she put them in the dishwasher and till this day, 
                              They're still there. 😂