Braedey, Thomas, and the Magic Railroad

Braedey, Thomas, and the Magic Railroad

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A/N: this story is in honour of Kieron0103 and his 'Beacon Railway' book. I enjoy his books, along with the 'Thomas and Friends' TV series and some films, so I think creating this story is a good idea. 

Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends are being threatened by the evil diesel engine known as Diesel 10 and his sidekicks. However, the balance of all the magic in both the human world and the railway world is starting to fall apart, and unless something is done, it'll all collapse.

But, Thomas's human friends and allies will help find the source of the magic, and restore the true balance in both worlds, before the villainous Diesel 10 destroys it all from existence. 

A/N: All Thomas and Friends characters belong rightfully
to their respected owners and creators, along with some characters that'll be in this book. My own OC characters belong to me. I wish to give a call out to @DracoHero735/@DracoAutismo1014, @Pikachu904726, and even @Flamewarrior11.

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