the girl who can't cry (creepypasta fanfic)

the girl who can't cry (creepypasta fanfic)

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killedfromtheinside By killedfromtheinside Updated Dec 01, 2015

Winter Fall is no normal girl she's a killer, her mother died when she was 3 ever since then she had been a cold blooded killer. Her mother was murder by her father.


"what's your name?" victim 70,901 said in a way he thought to be sexy
"why don't you guess!" >:D he gasped  then smiled he must think he's got a shot, damn this is going to be a fun, normally my victim run away in a sprint when I start to laugh but not this one.
"um Bella?"
"he..he..hehehehehehehe, nope" I grasp my knife that's in my back pocket of my long black cost that goes down to my ankles, that covers my white dress that goes down to the top of my knees.
"well what?"
"oh you want to know?" He nodded my smile grew wider
"well my name is..... The Girl That Can't CRY!"

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Zannic Zannic Dec 03, 2017
Thats my emotion i can't even cry her emotion is look like my emotion
AlecGayStar AlecGayStar Mar 18, 2017
This was like.
                              I look like this
                              I only feel this
                              My mother's dead and my father left
                              Oh I'm also a cold blooded killer.
I’m different to everyone in my school...I don’t think I’m normal either
Hehehe~ winter snow. Winter and snow is cold. She said she was a COLD blooded killer. Haha~ 
                              Just me?
                              Fine then.
                              I'll just show myself out.
that joke ( i hope it was a joke atleast) is gonna affend so many people
Everyone cries because if you don’t, then you have no tears which is impossible and plus you are probably just holding your tears