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Chelsea Smile (mature boyxboy twincest)

Chelsea Smile (mature boyxboy twincest)

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Emmma By 3mmaRawrs Updated Jan 13, 2014

{Do not read if you're going to be offended or triggered by incest, mental illness, and some sexual references}
They're 2 brothers. Twins. Exactly alike. Identical. There's just one small difference. One is of complete perfection. With black hair, compelling grey eyes and complexion to die for, Mikey can get any girl or guy he wants. His twin Alex is exactly like that as well. Just one problem. The right side of his face is disfigured into a half chelsea smile. 
His parents can't face the fact that they allowed someone to do something so horrible to their child; so they do the only thing they can think of. Neglect. Giving Mikey all the attention, Alex hides in the dark, smiling whether he wants to or not. 
Mikey and Alex have always been close though; surprisingly close. And they both realize that their feelings are growing, that maybe their bond is stronger than most. 
No one will approve though. And that's where the fighting comes into it. They have to fight to stay with each other, but Mikey also has to fight for his brother. I mean, how else is a traumatized boy supposed to continue life? Being forced to smile whether he wants to or not?

You sure you're a counselor? Cuz that's not something you say out loud. That's like saying I don't like talking to you so go jump off a tall structure
Pain is relative. Hunter isn't even coping he's hiding it all with drugs and intoxication. Don't compare people to people who have been in worse situations. You're just stirring up painful memories and being an ass
But he isn't lost! You're just too blind to see him!!!! He's right in front of your idiotic faces!
Correction; the scar does not make him him, the scar is simply a reminder of the events that contributed to making him him. There are plenty of other things and experiences that make him him. The scar is not defining, it's reminding
But he isn't lost! You're just too blind to see him!!!! He's right in front of your idiotic faces!
He was fücking abuse think of all the bad memories this brings up you åsshat!!!! Get your damn hand off him even if he did make your relationship with your parents a bit worse!!!!