Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

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Liza By longhairedtoad Completed

Based on the classic novel North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, this modern story of John and Margaret takes them on a magical adventure filled with intrique, suspense, and romance.

John Thornton spends all his waking hours working in the family business. In his leisure time, he hunts for antique books. When one literally falls on him, he is shocked to find the ancient looking text is written about him. 

Margaret Hale has no time for love. Having started a bakery with her best friend Tara, she needs to concentrate fully on that venture for now. But at her cousin's wedding reception, a stranger approaches and explains he is the man she will marry in three months time.

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NeverForgotton NeverForgotton Jan 24, 2015
I just recently fell in love with North & South. I've been looking for some fics of it for a while now. Usually I'm disappointed with them, but this is wonderful! I'm hooked already! Marvelous writing!
bjondaV bjondaV Aug 30, 2013
OMG, what a great start! I literally stopped breathing, lol!!
oliviatootle oliviatootle Dec 12, 2011
@longhairedtoad I've successfully registered as a member.  Thanks a lot.  See you there.
whatcatydidnext whatcatydidnext Dec 10, 2011
Scary, big boys, or big girls prob! No, def too scary for me...
longhairedtoad longhairedtoad Dec 09, 2011
@whatcatydidnext1   RWA has many of the the top romance writers of today as members. It's the big league, as they say. It's more probable I won't make it to the final round seeing how this is my first major contest.
longhairedtoad longhairedtoad Dec 09, 2011
@oliviatootle   You do have to be a member of DreamerFiction and you need to be over 21 as many of the stories are rated NC-17. All my stories are under my subboard.