My Unwanted Mate (Completed) - Under Major Construction!

My Unwanted Mate (Completed) - Under Major Construction!

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Sorry, my stories got deleted so I had to post it again. Enjoy



It's mid June.

As I stand on the edge of the precipice the crisp air send a chill down my spine as it touches my bare skin; making it feel more like Winter, the remnants of Summer long gone; as it should be on this dreadful day. I look at the dark waters below and watch as the waves disappear and crash against the rocks I cannot see. 

This is it, the end of everything. All I know is gone and there is nothing left for me in this cold dark place. I hear my name being called--it's like a whisper carried along by the wind--I look toward the sound as the wind whips my damp hair across my face, but I don't answer. Not like I need to, I knew he has my scent, but, he is taking his time coming for me. I close my eyes and wish I had the strength to throw myself over t...

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BellMaddie BellMaddie Dec 12, 2017
Coming to think about it, I think I may have stumbled across this when I was looking for Wattpad books, so I added this
Shariah19 Shariah19 Apr 28, 2017
Glad to be back into your writing style 🙌🏾I quit after reading half way through the sequel (The schools bad boy is a daddy.) aka (The schools slut is a virgin.) it's just so agitating and sad to see my faves hurt in that book lol 😂 I'm ready yet lmao
hourseland13 hourseland13 Nov 21, 2017
Honey let people do what they want without fcking judging then, they’re doing what they want to and that’s their choice as legally consenting adults in a free country
stydia4lifeBitches stydia4lifeBitches Jun 30, 2016
That's an uncommon name, i mean you don't just bump into a shia everyday
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Sep 05, 2016
She just carries around thousands of dollars....yo can I get a small loan?
AmberSlaysTheBooks AmberSlaysTheBooks Oct 15, 2016
I'm imagining her with the same outfit as Rocker Pearl from Steven universe