I Am, My Mate's Slave (Discontinued) Ending Revealed

I Am, My Mate's Slave (Discontinued) Ending Revealed

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Perspiration and sweat covered my body. Another night of submission, and my wolf was clawing out to hold our mate, but I knew that he wouldn't be too fond of that action. She howled trying to go against my constraint, and tired as I was, she won. My left arm, that was resting at my side, went towards his perfect naked body and wrapped itself around his torso.

"What are you doing?" he said huskily. "I thought we agreed on no touching, besides sex." My wolf howled painfully and moved away to the back of my mind, releasing my arm away from his warm hard flesh. 

"My.. uh... I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen, again." I turned and faced the other way, biting my lip as to not let myself cry. In my head, I tell myself that it's going to be alright and soon he'll come to his senses and make me his.

"Good," he said, and got out of the bed, heading towards the bathroom where I know he'll try his hardest to rid himself of my scent and my touch. Another piece breaks itself from my heart, and I know that the more this continues the more my heart will be broken beyond repair.   


Natalia Rosen has always been the shy girl. Nothing about her really stood out of the crowd. All she ever wanted was to meet her mate and be seen as the most important person to him. But when she does finally meet him. He's indifferent to her, and she doesn't know why. Until she finds out that he is dating the most well-known woman in all of Lycan society, the Royals' daughter. She's torn and wants to be with him even when she knows she's not mate material to anyone of the male species. The only way for her to be with him is to use her feminine quality, and agree to become his slave.

I know y'all all saying to reject him but if she does that her pain would be even worse or she could possibly die and so would he. And now y'all like okay let him die buy the mate bond is so strong that if she is the cause of his death she'll feel even more pain.
Tamara_xx Tamara_xx Jan 26, 2017
I wear  mascara only because it makes my eye lashes longer, thicker and curled. I'm self conscious about my eyes and lashes so this makes me feel more confident about them.
IssaNyssa IssaNyssa Jan 16, 2017
I already don't like this dude and I don't even know his name
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i would have slap him and would have turned around
                              stupid mating fates
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My beautiful group of stalkers. They go wriggle wriggle wriggle.
Wendy_Marvell3108 Wendy_Marvell3108 Oct 26, 2015
Hahahaha sorry mother but im his slave n he really hates me. Hahahahaha. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE WHAT AV I TOLD TO NOT DO. DONT TOUCH MA PHONE!!!!!! Gomenai sai. Sorry.