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Boarding School For Wolves

Boarding School For Wolves

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Boarding School

Two word I never thought I'd ever here. Well, two words that I'd never thought I hear being directed at me. Whoever had come up with such a thing was surely deranged. What person in their right mind would want to go to boarding school. Wasn't regular school punishment enough? Why in the world would any sane person want to go to a school that you were stuck at the whole school year?

Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Kaila Slade and I'm 17 years old and I'm a werewolf. I would consider myself you're typical local girl. With my long dark brown hair, dark green eyes, tanned skin and toned body with curves in just the right places I guess you could say I was pretty good looking; or so I've heard. I'm the only daughter of the Alphas of my pack and have a brother who is younger than me by two years named Na'ali'i. So thankfully that role for the next Alpha doesn't fall on my shoulders.

It was the end of the summer when my father dropped the bomb on me. But, appare...

This reminds me of how everyone on my moms side of the family is 6 ft tall (including the girls) and everyone on my dads side is short
Washington in the middle nowhere... Mm sounds like were I live
Abayomie Abayomie May 12
If  where i am from had boarding school i would've gone to it.
I thought when weres found there mate they'll feel odd. But not for two, only for one
Hrmn14 Hrmn14 Apr 21
Lmao id be raising a rally and be like britches do u allow this? Since were a pack id knock those flihht attendants and control the pilot bwahhaha
Megan_s_h_ Megan_s_h_ Mar 16
No it's like when she was writing the paragraph she put "while saying that her face went from a bright and happy ray of sunshine, to a face of a serious new boss"😂